How colours affect our health

Chromotherapy used in moving sand pictures produced by Ew-Mar is one of the oldest alternative methods of disease treatment by colour with origins dating back to ancient Egypt, China and India. It relies on the powerful influence of colour on both the physical and mental health. Sand landscapes use colours to stimulate, soothe and regenerate the human body.

Clinics the world over use the therapeutic properties of colours, especially in the treatment of ailments of the digestive, respiratory or circulatory systems. It is also used to treat neuralgia, migraine, neurosis, insomnia, nocturnal incontinence, depression, spine disorders, kidney diseases and women's health problems.

Being surrounded by colours is the simplest way to get influenced by their healing powers. Some of the easiest ways to achieve this include decorating our house with particular colour, wearing appropriately selected clothes or introducing foods of a given colour into our diet.

Green color

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Green is the colour of equilibrium. It symbolises harmony and accommodates balance. This colour has soothing and regenerating properties, especially for the nervous system. Green greatly improves mood, supports the metabolism, regulates blood circulation and strengthens the heart. Green signifies hope and so is recommended especially to those struggling with depression or nervous disorders. It is one of the most commonly used colours in chromotherapy.

Red color

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Red symbolises energy and activity. It is also the colour of love, releasing sexual energy and increasing potency. It brings warmth and life. Red enriches the environment of those affected by cardiovascular or liver diseases. People who suffer from low blood pressure will also benefit from having more red around them. Red helps to improve vitality and appetite, soothes rheumatic symptoms and supports the treatment of dandruff or eczema

Violet color

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Purple stimulates the nervous system. It facilitates thinking outside the box, harmonises the body and mind and enhances creativity. It is primarily recommended for those suffering from tension headaches or experiencing long-lasting distress. Purple brings relief in arthritis and epilepsy and helps with the treatment of infectious diseases. It supports fast recuperation.

Orange color

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Orange adds energy, stimulating and promoting vitality. As orange has a positive impact on digestion and appetite, it is used in the treatment of anorexia. It also strengthens the pancreas and the spleen. It is recommended for those who find it hard to relax and fall asleep. It also regulates the heart.

Blue color

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Blue is the perfect colour to support effective relaxation. It has a calming effect, so is recommended for those who live intensely and experience long-lasting distress. Additionally it reduces appetite so it is recommended for those changing their diet. It supports treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eyes, ears, nose and lungs, and reduces the body temperature and blood pressure. Blue is recommended for the treatment and soothing of rheumatic ailments, burns and cuts.

Yellow color

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Yellow is the colour of intellect and wisdom. It inspires, stimulates creativity and facilitates thinking outside the box. Yellow supports positive thinking and enhances life energy. It strengthens the nervous system and helps to treat a number of ailments, including constipation, indigestion and other digestive problems. Moreover, it supports treatment for renal failure and diabetes. It relieves the symptoms of colds, conjunctivitis and eczema.
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Ew-Mar sand pictures are manufactured at our main facilities in Ostrów Wielkopolski. In order to ensure our customers health and safety we use certified raw materials from EU countries only the vast majority of the materials are produced in Poland.

We would like to emphasize that our sand pictures and the materials used in their production conform with the required standards and are approved for use throughout the EU.

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